Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Stone's Throw

Springtime at Dancing Leaf Farm! My absolutely favorite time of the year. Most people like fall the best. But things are dying then, dead and withering. What's up with that?! I love the rebirth of the trees, flowers, plants, gardens, grass and how the birds are gathering up my bits of wool and hay to make their nests.

Right now everything seems to be blooming at once. Not often do I see forsythia in full bloom with red bud, bleeding heart and lilacs! Today a storm was blowing in releasing us from 86 degrees (way too hot for early April!) and the sky was dark which offset the colors of the redbud and apple blossoms.

...and spring brings my patio! Finally!!!! I have wanted this flagstone patio for 4 years now and today the big truck from the stone quarry in 'Rockville' (really!) drove into my driveway and delivered 18 tons of beautiful flagstone, river rock, sand and bluestone. Yippee! And it's so cool that they come in bags, just like groceries!

But one can't lift them just like groceries so a big arm slowly lifts them up and then down to the ground.

And here they rest until my wonderful crew comes to move them shovel full by shovel full, stone by stone to the patio and walkway. (photos of my crew to come). From this....... this. Just the beginning, but I am so excited to finally not to have to move my 8 chairs and 2 tables out of the way to mow. Yeah!!!!


LemonyRenee' said...

Looks to be lovely! I like the variation in colors and shapes & sizes. Very nice.

Andrea said...

Your property looks lovely -- the patio will be a beautiful addition. Don't you just love getting projects done!

Anonymous said...


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