Friday, December 27, 2013

Chirpy Stuff

First of all….I have a new name and a new look to my blog site!!!! It was long overdue for a makeover and my son, Garrett, helped me out with it. He's a designer/coder/awesome dude and is a whiz at this. Thanks G!!!!
Now that the studio tours are over, I can go back to doing fun things with furniture. Krista and I are now down to just one venue, The Blue Hearth in Poolesville. But etsy and craigslist are bringing some buyers so I'm posting nearly everything we do on those sites. We have this awesome black dresser for sale, adorned with big glass knobs. It has a nice mirror and would be perfect in a bedroom (duh!), foyer, nursery (use as a changing table…genius!) or even in a kitchen for extra storage. 

I can't believe this beautiful dresser has not sold yet. It's painted Duck Egg Blue and has four white ceramic knobs and two original brass knobs.

Such nice details

This is a 'waterfall' style art deco desk/vanity. 

and this is what we might do to it.

Really nice vintage desk with lots of storage. 

Another project awaiting our magic touch.

some nice old cabinet doors. These are nice because they aren't too big.

We painted three little tables bright red for the holidays. So cheery (cherry!)

Love this scalloped table

This is a flip table….

flips down for easy storage

elegant marble topped end table, painted duck egg blue

black and grey side table

the knob is gorgeous!!

Sometimes we leave the top alone, especially when it has such nice wood.

 We got a pair of these little tables up in Vermont when we were there this past summer. One is sold.

Beautiful coffee table with 6 swoony legs. Never have seen one like this before.

It has a perfectly cut glass top (not pictured) so the top stays nice.

Child's end table

We also have a stool to match. Don't you just love the little Scotties?

This is such a cute little wardrobe, dresser, cabinet. I think it would be a great crafter's cabinet. How about a sewing cabinet with fabric piled up in the door section and sewing supplies in the drawers on the left? The possibilities are endless!
If you are interested in anything you see, let me know and I'll give you the dimensions and price. Nothing is expensive and everything is awesome!


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