Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Studio Tour

We've already had one week of our Countryside Artisans' Holiday Studio Tour. This is our last 3 days of the tour. Last week it rained on Friday, was nice on Saturday and snowed big time on Sunday. I didn't even go out to turn on the lights or turn on the heat on Sunday because I knew no one would venture out here on a windy, snowy day. 

I've dyed heaps and heaps of yarn, including all this 'Biggie',

Samba yarn,

and kits for the Stars and Moons Shawl.

 and plenty of colorful fiber, ready to be spun or felted.

Sale yarn...superwash merino...yum

Gifts for your feathered friends

 cute vintage tea cups filled with my recipe of suet and birdseed.

Funny thing, my front door was a bit open and a little hungry bird flew in and helped itself to one of these. They really work!

Jewelry corner

I've had my tiny kiln firing away and have made a new batch of fused glass buttons.

Holiday vignettes, ready to display.

old drawers and tins filled with holiday cheer 

another use for antique teacups...beeswax candles.

my new goats milk soaps

ornaments for the knitter

spell something wonderful

These hand knit headbands make great gifts, embellished with an awesome raku clay button. 

I finished another shawl knit out of 'Biggie', this one a 'feather and fan' version

Finished this infinity scarf out of Rhumba yarn in Sorta Solid Green.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

OK, I really didn't mean for it to snow BOTH weekends!

Come on in and have some hot apple cider and cookies.

Have a wonderful holiday season. 


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