Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday House Tour, Part 1

I've enjoyed everyone's house tours that I've been viewing on blogs lately. They really got me fired up to decorate.  

My old chicken feeder makes a cute holiday vignette. My love of old trucks comes out in my collection of pickups.

My favorite little Christmas tree…cut metal with flattened vintage soda caps welded onto it for ornaments. I was given the 'Bright Globe' grate years ago and I love it! I've started a collection of these old tin oil cans. Besides being cute and useful, I like the sound they make when you make the oil come out!

My vintage snowman came together for a little fun trio.

Our bedroom got a little winter makeover. I was set on finding flannel plaid sheets that looked old. Target came through with flying colors (but I hope my credit card info doesn't get stolen!). 

And this pillow (I am such a pillow hoarder!) was perfect.

From spring/summer to…..

…winter happiness. Crawling into heated flannel sheets is dreamy…literally!

The wall of white frames got a little holiday hoohaa too.

I sprayed some old knobs I had a bright red, changed the background in the frame, added a darling little bird and tree. This is the first thing I see when I wake up so I want it to make me smile and start the day happy. I'm simple that way.

We're lucky enough to have a mantle that I like changing regularly. These windows are from our sun room. I saved all 18 of them and use them frequently. 

I wrapped this grapevine wreath with a vintage measuring tape I found last summer in some junk shop in New Hampshire. 

 This little burlap bird that I bought at the Luckett's Holiday Market worked perfectly dangling in the center.

And my favorite piece I've bought all year…this awesome little gas stove that has been repurposed into a table with the addition of a glass top.

I had initially bought it to sell, but I fell in love with it and couldn't part with it.
 I'll have it forever and ever!

Gotta love the Christmas color…turquoise!

We've had a bit of snow lately and I've sat here staring out at it covering the fields across the road. It's always nice to have the snow cover up all the flaws in my yard. I hope we get more for Christmas. Nothing like a white Christmas! Enjoy the last few days of the year and take time to stare out the window!


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Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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