Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spin, Knit, Eat

Yesterday was the monthly gathering of our knitting/spinning group but we spend as much time eating and commenting on the food as we do working with fiber. 

Marsha hosted this time and I always love going to her comfy home. She's lived all over the world and has collected fanciful things from everywhere. 

We lived in this house for three years when we first moved to Barnesville in 1980. It was a nice, cozy house but didn't look anything like it does now. It had dark wood paneling and bright orange shag carpet. When Marsha moved in, she did a lot of work to it.

 She has an eclectic mix of art and artifacts.


We really do spin and knit and weave and work with fiber.
This is Lizou's Turkish drop spindle that she is spinning on.

Marsh is working on a rug on her loom.

Jeanne brought her cute little electric spinning wheel. She's spinning her mushroom dyed yarn, in various shades of cream to brown.

But the main event is the food. It's a vegetarian potluck, heavy on grains, veggies and deliciousness. All these ladies are awesome cooks and I thoroughly enjoy tasting all their dishes. We have a few Iranians in the group who bring amazing things. One woman brought a pickled relish that she had made from garlic she brought from Iran because it's not available here. 

Christmas sandies, sweet potato pie and Belgian chocolate genache. THIS is why I can't seem to lose weight!

 After lunch we sit around talking about other parts of the world, how we would all love to travel to Iran, but until the government changes, we are not allowed. Marsha has a nice trip planned though. She and her family of 5 are going on a river cruise on a small river in Germany. The main attraction is to see  the Holiday Market in Nuremburg. Luckies! That's on my bucket list. 

Marsha's cat is always so darn cute. 


    and here she is doing her best duck lips.

A nice time spent with friends, got a bit of knitting done and ate like a queen. I like the look of this 'down' time.


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