Monday, June 22, 2009

Gotta Knit!

Of course I can't travel without my knitting. I had my projects picked out, yarn dyed and dried, patterns printed, yarn wound, needles arranged and all neatly packed in individual bags way before I had my clothes packed. Maybe that's why I almost forgot my passport! Yikes! I really almost forgot it. The only reason I remembered it was because when I went to do on-line check in, they asked for my passport number. Holy crap! Luckily it was in the file cabinet under 'Passports'. Whew!

But I did remember my 4 knitting projects. This is a new mitten pattern I'm designing. No design yet, just basic knitting and will add something to the top and probably a ruffle on the cuff. They're knit with my Salsa in the color Fruit Sorbet.

Project number 2 is the Picot Eyelet Socks. Knitting them with Salsa in my semi-solid turquoise color. I jump from the mitts to the socks and will maybe be able to finish them. I thought I would get a lot more knitting time riding to the Dales but Houston didn't go along so I had to drive. No knitting time for me. But Seal was knitting my 'Going to the Barn Handwarmers' actually finished them in time for me to wear them. Thanks!

This doubled-over edge gave me so much trouble. I ripped it out twice and finally just made do with a bit of a twist to it. Pooh!

Here's my darling needle holder. I got it at the Sheep and Wool Fest and love it. It's very handy for traveling.

Sometimes I can be organized.

And here's some hopefuls. A wavy scarf with Briar Patch (color) Salsa...

and some involved patterning handwarmers out of my Sock Hop in the Bordeaux color. I should take these along on our jaunt this Wednesday to France. I plan on sitting in the old city of Lille, drinking coffee, eating a pastry, watching people and knitting.

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