Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Houston surprised me with a a little birthday bash in our flat the other night. He'd invited some of our friends here and we had a great time. (except that right before the party I twisted my knee and now can't walk very well). But I sat there on a chair in the middle of the room and everyone came over and wished me well.

Houston had Waitrose (it's like Whole Foods) cater the party and they delivered boxes of canapes and this beautiful chocolate cake.

Marcus is from Germany, teaching here in Cambridge.

Dan (Switzerland) and Laura (Austrailia) are here working and doing research.

Alejandro (Italy) and Simon (South Africa) are working with Houston in the chemical engineering department. It seems most everyone who came is from somewhere else, except a few folks from Cambridge who I failed to get a pic of.

It's May Ball week (the end of the school term and reason to celebrate) there are fireworks every night. I pretended they were celebrating my birthday. I great way to end a delightful day.

Then the next evening we went out to a neighboring village, Barton, to have an alfresco dinner with Gaby and Clemens and their two adorable children. It was a beautiful summer evening with flowing wine and great company.

I brought cheesy American presents to Leopold and Josephine. Leopold (4) took about 2 minutes to transform the monster guy to a forklift. It would have taken me most of the evening.

And Josephine (6) got a little pony thing with a tiny bucket and brush.

By 10:00 it was bedtime. Since we are so far north and it's nearly the longest day of the year, it doesn't get dark until nearly 11:00. It's hard to get kids to bed in the daylight. Good night!

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