Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out and About in Cambridge

Some scenes from around Cambridge. Punting on the River Cam.

Pimms is a very popular drink in the summer. When I took this photo, after a long bike ride, I was drinking cappuccino in a pub. As I was looking through the camera, I thought, yep, Pimms sounds good right now. Advertising works! It's Pimms time!

Megan turned me on to my first Pimms. Its a gin-like liquor, mixed with the English version of lemonade. Their lemonade is not so sweet and has some fizz to it.

It's usually served with lime, lemon and strawberries in the glass, but we didn't have that, but it was so refreshing anyway.

One of the art galleries featured this artist who covers human figures in natural objects, like pine cones, pine needles, and acorns.

Saw this package of oats in the grocery store and thought it funny. I thought the 'True Taste of Scotland" was Scotch!

One of the many shops in Cambridge.

Tatiana, Simon and Steve's adorable daughter. We had dinner at their house the first night we were there. Tatiana speaks 6 (maybe 7 she says) languages although some of them she just muddles through!

The last full day I was in Cambridge, we biked through the countryside, stopping at many (5) pubs along the way. This wasn't one of them but I did have to stop and get a pic of their sign. "Every Wednesday Pie & Pint Night". I thought, what a great idea! But I said later to friends that I think coffee would go better with pie than beer. They looked at me like I had 2 heads and said it's MEAT pie! Oh, I pictured apple.

And perhaps my favorite thatched cottage. It's in Barrington which has many thatched homes. But this one is so big and the detailing at the roofline is so nice. Also the thatched boar on top is awesome!

The hollyhocks were in full bloom. I love hollyhocks. I wish mine looked like these.

And who could resist an ice cream from the Mr. Whippy birght pink truck?

This is the coolest clock I've ever seen. It was just completed last year and is installed right across from King's College, a very prominent location. It actually a 'chronophage', which means 'time eater'. The creature on the top resembles a grasshopper or locust. It cost $1.5 million. Time is seen as a running blue LED light, the outer one is the second, then the mintue, then the hour. It depicts time getting away, stolen from us. On the hour, chains rattle as in a death toll. The front legs move forward, 'grabbing' the clock and moving it forward, emitting a loud ticking sound.

And here are Seal and I passing time, sitting alongside the pond at Robinson College, enjoying a beautiful summer day. Stolen moments, but so enjoyable. Goodbye Cambridge, until next time.

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dottycookie said...

Oh my goodness - the pie and pint pub is in the village up the road from us, not a mile from where I sit now! You may even have stopped in our village pub if you passed that one!