Monday, June 15, 2009

Night at the Pub Granta

After biking all day, we decided to walk down to the Granta pub for a drink. It's along the Granta River where one can take a punt boat or canoe out and slowly paddle down the river.

As the night proceeded, the light was laying on various colors on the brick building over the river.

Good times. Oh yeah, that's Seal. Why is SHE here?! Here's what happened. I left on Friday for England, calling Seal one last time on my way to the airport to say goodbye. She wished me a good trip and to have lots of fun. So, I get to the airport a bit late and it was REALLY busy. Got through security ok, then made my way to the gate. It was packed. I saw Seal walking towards me at the gate and I wondered why she had gone through security to say goodbye to me. Nothing made sense to me and I couldn't quite figure it out. I asked her what she was doing at the gate and she said "Did I want company?" To England? Yep, my dear husband thought it'd be a great surprise for her to come to Cambridge to celebrate my birthday. She got a ticket just a week ago and when I saw her, I was totally in shock, then just started crying and hugging her. What a scene I made! Soooooo, she's here for 10 days and we're having so much fun. Good times!!!!

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