Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gotta Knit

Being the addicted knitter that I am, even when it is 103 degrees out, I find myself sitting on my back deck in the late evening, knitting with wool. But I do try to knit smaller items so the wool isn't draping over my lap. I've knit about 25.5 pairs of these handwarmers and am now blinging them up a bit by adding my new funky chunky handspun.

The Funky Chunky has wool from my very colorful sheep, mohair, mylar glitz, bamboo, tencel, sheep locks and whatever may have dropped on the floor.

It's time consuming to spin but I love the effect, kinda gnarly and crunchy, hippy dippy and fun. It makes me smile.

I also spun some hand dyed merino stranding it with a multi-colored cotton. This makes up the body of the handwarmers.

I embellished them with the FC handspun, crocheting around the top edge and then swirled the leftover bit into a flower (kinda) and needle felted it on. Can't wait for it to get cool enough to wear these.

'Sweet Jazz,' a small shawlette that I think I nearly have done except I now have 690 stitches on the damn needles and each row takes forevah! and here is just one row: *p1, k1, (yo, k2tog) 4 times, yo, k3, m1r, (wtf!) k1, p2, k1, m1l (again!), k3, (yo, ssk) 4 times, yo, k1, p1, rep from* to eor. Yea, speed knitting!

This is a new colorway that Garrett named Sea Breeze. Thanks G. But don't look at my stitches, you might get dizzy. I really cannot knit.

I have this much done of one sock and I lost the pattern and can't remember what it is. Hate that when that happens. This is the sock I knit on while my knee was swollen and I couldn't mountain bike. So we have history. Guess it will stay in the bag until I find the pattern. This is my Sock Hop washable yarn in the colorway Sedona.

While looking for size 9 needles in a corner of my studio, I discovered 3 bags of unfinished
knitting objects (UFO's) and this little SUMMER shell was one of them. Yeah, summer is nearly over and I forgot to finish this. Maybe this 90 degree weather will last another month, or I can wear it over a sweater! Jeesh, two little shoulder thingies, back and forth a few times and I could be done. And it sits in the bag all summer. This is a linen/cotton blend, Swing.

I did finish this cute little short sleeved cardi. Wish I had my model, Sara, to make this way more beautiful. (Sara, help!) This little French dress form with a black roundy thing for a head works for my scarves, but the shrug just looks a bit droopy on her. I'll have the pattern ready this fall. Knit with my Slubby...

and with some yarn left over I knit, yep, more handwarmers. They take one 'Dexter' or 'Friday Night Lights' to knit, so grab some yarn and knit them.

This is also a new colorway, Morning Mist, pale lavender with a hint of grey.

The Princess and the Pea Coat. I'm getting close, except I have to keep de-knitting and getting my sleeves right. What is it with sleeves?! This is a Noni pattern (which I carry) and is just adorable. It will be felted to make it warmer and more like a coat. The pattern calls for about 322 different yarns but I'm just using my hand dyed Salsa yarn (Carnival colorway with my 'Sort Solid Turquoise for the ruffles). If you come to the fall tour (October 8, 9, 10), I'll have it done, maybe even with the sleeves.

Another found project in a bag. This is a knitty pattern, knit out of Peace Fleece in burgundy.

It will hopefully look like this except a different color and not as long cuz I'm short waisted, and with different buttons and not gold on the top and not as skinny, but other than that, it will look exactly like this one.

I'll use this handspun in the top part (Briar Patch colorway) if I ever get there cuz I have to finish the sleeves first. I nearly finished them, they were done in the round, and when I went to attach them to the body, I thought it could not be done because they were too, well, round at the top, so I ripped them both out about 10" down and started to knit them back and forth. THEN I looked at the pattern and indeed, it said to knit them in the round. Grrrr! So I ripped out the few inches and started to knit in the round AGAIN. So if I get these sleeves done, I can put the entire thing together and continue knitting In The Round. That is, if I can read a pattern!

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