Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Trapped!

OK. I said we weren't going to get a dog. Houston is on sabbatical this coming year and we may do some traveling so we didn't need a dog to to complicate matters. But while at the local vet with a friend, I noticed a sign for yellow lab puppies. We knew that a yellow lab mix would be our way in the future next dog. I walked right past that sign, yesseriebob. I got in the car, hesitated, then thought whatthehell would it hurt just writing the number down. I waited one entire day before I made that call. When the guy answered I said that I didn't know why I was calling since I didn't want a puppy, I didn't want a pure bred and that eventually I would get a rescue dog. He just laughed and said come on over. They had 13 (!) pups to choose from, from two different litters. I picked up the biggest male (easy!) and nuzzled him and let him lick my face with his cute little 4-week old tongue. Since Houston was on his big bike adventure, somewhere in either Canada or Alaska and did not have a clue what I was up to, and since it was his birthday, I took a pic with my phone with a note, "Happy Birthday!" I said to the owner of the pups that he probably wouldn't get the pic as he was out of cell range, but 30 seconds later he called and exclaimed, "Really!!!!?" So 4 weeks later, we have a pup.

He loves the barn....and what dog wouldn't?! We wanted a name that would remind us of Alaska and Houston wanted Kenai for the Kenai Penninsula where we spent a bit of time. Kenai is a great name for a husky type dog, but I thought it just didn't fit with this little lab. The town near Talkeetna where our friends live is called Trapper Creek, so Trapper it is.

I introduced him to the sheep...

and they didn't know what to think of this little creature. But with foot stomping and giving him the evil eye, the sheep have let Trapper know who is boss.

Then on to the chickens. The chickens are actually bigger than him at the moment which is good.

He didn't quite know what to make of these feathered things that made funny noises. My other dogs were a bit afraid of the chickens so I hope Trapper is too.

He does enjoy watching chicken tv though. We were laughing about how Trapper is sending photos with his doggie cell phone back to the puppy mill, of the chickens, sheep, cats, fields, his new toys saying, "I won, I won, I won!!!! Look at me!"

Cheyenne and Ozzie are another matter though. Cheyenne is the perfect cat to introduce to a dog because he doesn't run and he just hisses and scratches if Trapper gets too rambunctious. Ozzie (our grey tabby) has decided to stay clear of the house for awhile.

He has a friend, Boomer, who we went for a walk with today down Harris Road.

I introduced him to Little Monocacy Creek, where my retrievers would swim and bring back sticks.

I put him in the water, but he didn't seem to like it. I explained that he is a water dog and he has to learn to swim. He sat there looking pensively at the creek.

Nope, not going in.

We'll try again tomorrow.


LemonyRenee' said...

O.M.G! If he isn't the cutest thing out! Every one of your pictures are precious, too. What a lucky dog!

ginger said...

CUTER THAN CUTE!!!! I agree, what a lucky dog!!

willowisp2 said...

Boomer says "Keep that tongue and mouth away from me!" But he is a well-behaved cutie.

Unknown said...

Congarats! Welcome to the world of "small dog big world".

We got a pup too. Ari is 9 months old and has been with us 6 months. She is an English Setter (about our 20th) and hard wired for water.

Goes with "Dad" daily to the lake for a walk and swim. Has dipped her paws into the Pacific ocean also. Loves it all.

Many happy and nail biting days ahead for your new pup and you!

Courtney said...

Congrats, D. He looks like the perfect dog for you!