Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out With the Girls

A few of us girls in Cumberland kidnapped Annie for the day and made her sit in the car for a beautiful car ride up the valley between two mountain ridges to our destination of Bedford Springs. But first we made her get out of the car at a big yard sale in a great old red barn. No one got anything except for Beth who couldn't resist a tacky painting that I think was paint by number. Sweet! We arrived at the town of Bedford, which is just a half hour from Cumberland, by noonish and walked around the downtown area. Some cute shops enticed us in, including this antique, old- stuff-with-charm store.

A gallery was decorated with old barn adornments, like this wood circle. It was priced at $12,000 (!). I can see why it's still there, even though I really do like it. After a little more looksee downtown, we whisked Annie off to the resort at Bedford Springs for lunch.

For nearly 200 years, people have been coming to the curative waters of the springs. It remained popular well into the last century, but a downturn in the 80's forced the hotel to close in 1986. It was purchased in 1988 and after a $120 million renovation, it reopened to its former grandeur in 2007.

The days before and after our outing were hot, muggy and sunny but as luck would have it, we were blessed with an overcast, cool and no humidity type of day. We took advantage of the nice day by eating outdoors. Two weddings were held there that day and one of the wedding parties joined us on the patio. Macee, birthday girl Annie and Piver are all smiles.

Macee, myself and Annie await our lunch.

Seal showing off her gorgeous nuno felted scarf she made the day before.

After lunch, we had a wee walk around the grounds...

... then it was off to a few hours of hooping in Cumberland before we called it a day. I hope Annie had as much fun as I did. Happy birthday Annie!

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