Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plain Air, Plein Air, Plain Relaxing

Summer days are nearly over so thought I'd take a break and go sit by a stream and knit. I talked my neighbor, Susan, into coming along and she packed up her watercolors, brushes, paper and chair and we headed over to Sugarloaf Mountain where the air is just a bit cooler and the sound of the babbling brook a delight.

As I sat and tried to catch up on a couple of my many knitting projects that are unfinished (UFO's), I soaked my feet in the cool water and let out a long sigh. This is the life!

And right next to me was a darling trio of 'shrooms, fitting ever so nicely in the woodland setting. Recharged and restored, we promised ourselves that we would make this a weekly habit until the chill brings us once again indoors.

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