Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tradition

 For four years now Ann and I have been traveling over the mountain to see the holiday window displays in Shepherdstown. We pick up Judy at her sweet little cabin near Sharpsburg and whisk her off for a holiday treat.

 One year Judy had fallen the day before our little get together and sprained her ankle quite badly. We insisted taking her to a critical care place and they gave her a brace and sent her on her way. We settled her into a cozy little tea place with a pot of hot tea while Ann and I walked the streets and got some shopping done.

 But this year, Judy was good to go.

 Shepherdstown offers free parking during the holiday season. Thanks!

 All the businesses tastefully decorate their establishments.

Indoors the shops are lit up with fun lights.

...and stars.

Back at Judy's quaint cabin, we nestled in for the evening, a slumber party for the three of us.

Judy brought out her whackiest purchase of the day, bird legs. I just love these little talon sculptures.

Judy is a web designer but also an artist. 

Another year, another great time sharing time with girl friends. Happy Holidays!


Tad said...

Very nice!

Judy is so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


Susan said...

Made the season warm. I'll be on the look-out for some chicken legs! only Judy would really buy them! Too cool! Susie