Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Almost Done Shopping....

 ....for me! While Christmas shopping I found this delightful, aromatic soap that will make me happy whilst taking a shower.

And this smell-good candle, scented for the holiday. It smells like Christmas in our house!

 And this adorable little bottle brush tree that I added to my collection.

I couldn't resist this cute, cute, cute barrette that perfectly keeps my curls out of my face.
 But whoa! How bout these killer kicks?! Cowgirl paisley patterned rain boots! Sweet!

Tarjay is always a fave shopping place and it didn't let me down. A smockey type top that doesn't show my rolls. Perfect for holiday gorging!

I put this pink underwear shirt in my cart and it made it through check out. It's a bit utilitarian...

but it's good for layering.

 Another look at that fabulous boot. Love!

I had asked Santa for this (along with an LED hula hoop), but since Santa is spelled, I just went ahead and ordered it. It's already here and hopefully Houston will put it together for me cuz I just can't. It's too confusing.
So, I guess I better get out there and get my shopping done. Yikes! I only have a few hours. Enough time to get that cute purse I saw! Happy holidays to one and all!!!

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