Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Lovermont

I think Vermont is my favorite state. The West is grand, but I'll take lush green, comfy mountains over jagged, rocky mountains any time. 

Krista and Jaimie met Houston and me in St. Johnsbury because Houston was going to a conference in New Hampshire and I was going to Burlington with Krista and Jaimie. On the way to Burlington we passed this most awesome barn which is a reproduction of an old barn on the same property. 

We got up early and hit some yard sales. There is some great stuff in New England!

Like these cool Hollywood type glam chairs. Jaimie picked them up for $15 for both! Sweet!

We picked up a lot of small stuff

and a few pieces of furniture, frames and a mirror. Didn't have time to take many pics as we were off to more yard sales.

Scored these old coffee tins which will be great for display or planted with succulents or for storing stuff.

Then it was off to the farmer's market. Loved this woman's jewelry made out of bike tubes. She even pulls this entire cart with her to the market on her bike. Couldn't walk away without a pair of earrings and a pin.

Loved this bike rack...a huge combination lock. Clever.

 The Old Spokes Home, a small bike shop in Burlington, has a nice collection of antique bikes in their bike museum on the top floor.

Liked these bike lights.

A different type of bike...saw about 50 riders, all with stuffed animals on the back. The Teddy Bear Gang.

There's a nice bike path that leads from downtown out over Lake Champlain. 

We rode on the causeway that was once a railroad line. Perfect day for riding, cool and sunny.

In the evening Jaimie and Jeremy took us out on their boat (used to be Krista's boat, but she thought it would get more use up there).

Juniper sports her jaunty little life vest. 

We packed wine, cheese and snacks to thoroughly enjoy the evening.

Being on the water as sunset was just grand.

One evening we heard "Bread. Get your bread right here!" We waved him down, grabbed some money and got some freshly baked bread pedaled right to our door by the bread guy!

Window shopping downtown

Jaime sitting under a retro hair dryer. It really worked!

Cool sculpture made from car parts

The umbrella over the door is all metal.

Just south of Burlington is Shelburne Museum and Sehlburne Farm. We didn't have time to go through the museum (it takes all day) so we ventured into the farm.

The barns are so incredible, so neat, clean and gorgeous.

This is a mural in the creamery.

I usually know my poop pretty well, but I was stumped on a few of these!

Love the names of their animals. I've named many of my sheep and chickens the same names.

Always something to do at the farm. 3:30 sounds a bit Tom Sawyerish to me.

Mama pig and her wee piglets

Fun times with friends in Vermont. I bought my fill of cheese (1-year old sharp, 2-year old sharp, goat cheese, smoked cheese...yep, love the cheese!) and chocolate. Oh, and a half gallon of Vermont dark amber maple syrup. I do love Vermont!


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