Friday, August 16, 2013

Through New Hampshire in a Flash

We buzzed right through New Hampshire, but not before making Houston turn around to go back to this junk shop. I wasn't sure the car could actually make that turn with Houston behind the wheel, but I helped him turn the steering wheel from the passenger seat and we made it. The car seems to turn around just fine when I'm driving.

It was jam packed with cool, rusty goodness but things were way overpriced. If things are staged well and fussed with, I can see asking a bit more, but when stuff is just thrown around and looks more like a hoarding hole, no way flambé.
The only things I ended up with were 7 old pop bottles that have red writing on them. I'll use them for STAGING something clever and cute for the holidays. 

This old trailer was out front, waiting for someone to come throw a few thousand at it and haul it away.

The side yard was overflowing with heaps of stuff too.

Thought this gate was cute with water spigot handles for the flowers. Glad I got to stop or I would have pouted, thinking I missed the greatest deals on cool junk. I did pout a little though because I really, really wanted a lobster roll and Houston didn't stop at one of the lobster shacks cuz it was too early in the day and he said there'd be more but there weren't.   : (   oh well, gotta go back to Maine.

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