Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Launch It!

My friends at Ginger & Spice (Sherry & Erin) hosted a launch party for their vintage rental business last week. I was overwhelmed with the amount of furniture, smalls, flowers, food, desserts that they had. 

But what these two can do with some old glass jars, scales, fans, etc. is magic.

It takes a certain flair to take a heap of small items and arrange them into a pleasing vignette that doesn't look like a yard sale arrangement.

The flower arrangements were awesome.

Beautiful Sherry, poised on one of their fabulous sofas.

Gorgeous Erin in her vintage dress and pearls.

Gotta love this bike! I'm renting it for our big shindig this weekend.

The photos speak for themselves. These girls are master stylists.

Ginger & Spice Vintage Rentals collaborate with a local baker and florist. The desserts did not disappoint!

So perfect

Now that's a clever idea!

I never thought of renting jewelry, but what a great idea.

This was the venue, an old convent in downtown Frederick. I never knew it was there and have walked by it numerous times. It's surrounded by a tall brick wall so it's really hidden.

Plenty of children's props for photo shoots or display.

The girls of Ginger & Spice Marketplace
(Erin, Stephanie, Sherry, Krista, Dalis and Rebecca)

More friends from the vintage biz, Cassie and Sarah, who run Sweet Clover, a once a month tag sale.

Sherry's darling daughters

A beautiful night for a wonderful event. Contact these women if you have a wedding, party, or event coming up that you need to be fabulous! Sherry and Erin at 301-304-0105.


Melissa and Chris said...

Thank you for the kind words. Its always a pleasure to work with Ginger and Spice and this was no exception. Great people and a great product! Thanks for letting us be a part of ait all. Melissa and Chris at Candlelight Floral Designs

ozygirl said...

Gorgeous photos Dalis! We at Visitation Academy Events loved hosting Ginger & Spice's launch and expect to see much more of their vintage event styling at upcoming wedding receptions and events at our venue.

Linda in Waterloo said...

Thanks for sharing these photos - really a fantastic idea for a business venture. I wish everyone absolutely massive success. Just lovely!

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