Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On To Maine

Next stop...Maine, to eat lobster, visit friends and see the coast.

Loved this clothes pin sign

My goal was to eat lots of lobster, so we headed out to the sea to get some. (It seems I'm married to a giant, but he was slightly uphill).

We visited some of our friends, Kermit and Debbie, formerly of Barnesville, now living in Brunswick. 

We ate at this awesome little lobster place right on the water.

They cook all the lobster outside in these pots.

The lobster place is right next to this awesome granite bridge, held up with just pieces of stacked 
granite, not mortared or anything. 

Our friend, Kermit, showed his rock skipping skills int he low tidal waters.

A beautiful evening, watching the sun go down on the coast of Maine. A perfect summer evening with friends. 

I had to include this picture of Kermit and Debbie's wingback chair. Many years ago, I told Debbie that I find the most awesome things at our local dump. She requested a wingback chair. I told her I never see upholstered chairs so good luck with that. Well, the very next day I went to the dump and right there before my eyes, was a nice looking wingback chair! I grabbed it, called her and she came right over with her material and took it to the upholsterer to have it recovered. The upholsterer said that it was a really great, well made chair. So this is how it turned out and she still has it 12 years later.

Not one to pass up a fiber event, we went to Halcyon Yarn in Bath to see their yarn shop and talk with about 12 artists who displayed and sold their fiber pieces at a special one day event. There were rug hookers, weavers, felters, tatters and spinners. A group of fiber folks made these darling cloth sheep.

Then it was on to Cobbossoee Lake where we stayed in a little lodge known for its bass fishing. We weren't into bass fishing  but it was nice looking out at the lake.

We also visited our friends, Sara and Doug and their dog, Sonja. We went on an awesome bike ride over hills and dale, around a lake, and back again. Fun folks, good times. 

They live in this cute house in the country. It looks old, but was built in the 1980's. We went away with a bag of fresh picked apples and good memories of renewed friendships. Next stop: Vermont


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