Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knitting for Kids

I finally finished a couple knitting projects. I have about 6 going at the moment and it feels good to complete something. This darling little piece is the 'Magic Troll Vest' although I don't really think it's a vest, more like a dress or long top. 

I knit it out of my hand dyed Bee Bop superwash wool yarn, a skein of the Sorta Solid Purple and a skein of Spring Meadow. 

It's an easy knit and could be made larger for a 4-year old. I just want to do a bunch of these in different color combinations. 

I had the perfect buttons for it too.

And this is the Sawtelle, a free download on Ravelry. 

It's knit with my very own sheep's yarn, undyed, just natural brownish grey (Mocha) and a blend of the brown and cream (Mocha, and Brambles), one skein of each.

This wool is from last year's shearing. I sent it all away to a woolen mill on Prince Edward's Island in Nova Scotia. 

I'm always amazed that these wooly sheep produce such a beautiful product. Yay for sheep!