Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hang on to your seats and take a tour with me of Piver's Fun House. When I first saw my friend, Piver's home in Cumberland, I was amazed, astounded, astonished and awestruck. I was a bit of a dork though cuz all I could say was "Wow! Neat! Ohhhh! Cool! Wow!" Piver is not only an artist but one of the most creative spirits I've ever met. She is a professional jewelry maker, creating 'cold connection' pieces out of metals that weave, wobble, wiggle and bring smiles to the wearers. Along with her husband Andy (art director of the local arts council), they have helped bring Cumberland out of the doldrums and into the fun-drums! Cumberland is an up and coming art scene city.

Upon entering this 6000 sq. ft. place, you see Piver's bureau where she stores her own jewelry to be put on as she's walking out the door. As you'll see in subsequent scenes, she uses shag lavishly.

A collection of purses, always ready to go.

This shaggy sculpture greets you as you walk up the steps.

Their dog, Zoo, is the official greeter.

Kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen island made up of hundreds of bouncy balls.

Her studio looking down from the third floor.

Piver's indoor garden.

One of the bathrooms and yep, that's electric pink shag on the ceiling.

Bathroom vanity. What to do with a hundred pipe cleaners.

An old tank Piver painted.

Who would've thought to use circular saw blades for decoration in the bedroom?!!!!

A collection of gauges...

...and bike wheels

A ball sculpture made out of old industrial street sweeper 'brooms'.

Piver went through a mannequin phase, wildly painting the figures.

When doing the many crafts shows they've participated in over the years, they've collected an array of art and objet d'art.

This is one of their first aquisitons. It's about 20'x20' so you can see the scale of their place.

That's it for now. I forgot to take a pic of my favorite piece in their home, their dining room table which is the full front end of a 1964 Ford pickup truck. Next time.
If you'd like to check out Piver's wonderkind jewelry, click.

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Robin said...

WOWSER! What artwork!!!!! Thanks for the tour!