Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Felting Day

I've been meaning to get these posted for 6 weeks now. My felting group brought in a Turkish felter, Mahmet Girgic, for a workshop on the Osman technique on felted rugs. Above is a sample of their work. The colors are amazing and the felting is perfect. Mahmet is a master felter from Turkey, following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps, using traditional felting methods with more modern designs.

His felt pieces resemble paintings, with the colors flowing gracefully.

All his wool is vegetable dyed.

We spent a few hours laying out our design. Using prefelt, a base of wool lightly felted with muslin, we laid out wet wool, patting it down a bit. This was like painting with wool and we could get quite detailed designs.

These are the mats that Mahmet has made in Turkey.

Our pieces are laid carefully onto the mats, 5 or 6 at a time.

And then the rolling began. This is called appropriately 'kicking'. Zita and Judy made quite a good team.

Ann and Nan giving it a go, totally concentrating so as not to fall.

We then unrolled them from the mats and continued to vigorously roll for at least an hour. Mahmet said we should keep rolling for a couple more hours to achieve the tight look he desires in the felt. This takes more energy than one might imagine, even for a manure, dirt, rock, hay hauler like me. Ann is getting critiqued on her rolling style.

Six hands are better than two when it comes to rolling!

Then Mahmet showed us how a true master felter does it. He was rolling so briskly that the camera couldn't keep up.

And these are our finished felt pieces. JoAnn's dog.

Zita's modern piece.

Judy's fish in the sea.

Nan's traditional design.

Renata's art deco style.

And a close up of the detail she achieved.

Francine's modern design (and no, she's not naked!)

My plate of beets.

Christine 'painted' Starry, Starry Night.

Bev's design was from a photograph of her daughter-in-law, Kelly, on her wedding day.

Ann's landscape is from a photo taken in California.

Not only did Mahmet and Theresa teach us felting techniques all day, but while we broke out the wine, they prepared and cooked a delicious Turkish meal for us! Best teachers ever!!!

Mahmet chopped mint, tomatoes and garlic for at least a half hour.

And this is the delectable feast we got to eat. WOW!

We ended the night with laughter, our bellies full, our arms tired and thrilled to meet and spend the day with this felting duo. Thank you Mahmet and Theresa.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Those are amazing pieces! Can you do it again and invite me???
Really amazing beauty. But I'm more interested in the food...please tell us what you ate! I've been meaning to stop by the shop sometime soon...then I'll pick your ear!