Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Boys

Twenty-four years ago this day I had my third son, Forrest. I remember watching Miami Vice during labor, that's how long ago it was. We celebrate Casey's birthday this day also.

Casey is now 10 and is Forrest's best buddy. Forrest brought Casey home when Casey was three years old and Forrest was a sophomore in high school. They instantly bonded and went nearly everywhere together. Forrest had to leave Casey behind when he went to college in Montana but as soon as he could he brought Casey out to live the good life in the west. They drove cross country in two long days and Casey spent days making friends in Missoula, running alongside Forrest's bike, swimming every day in the Clark Fork River and had the time of his life. I missed them both and was just as excited to see Casey as I was Forrest on our visits to Missoula. But the job market being what it is, Forrest decided to come back home to go to grad school at George Washington University. (yay!) Now I have both boys back and am one happy mom. Now I need to go make those cakes. Celebrate!

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Linda in Waterloo said...

A wonderful story. Best wishes to both your boys.