Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Yarny Goodness

This is what my dining room table looked like one day last week. It was a cold, rainy day, not at all conducive to drying wool outdoors. I turned the heat on, which had been off since maybe February (we've had such warm weather up till now) and played musical yarn on the radiators. As soon as one skein was nearly dry, off the radiator it came to hang on a chair nearby and another recently dyed wet skein took its place on the heat source.

 Yarn was everywhere, on every chair, railing, door, drying rack, and if the dogs would stand still, I would have draped them in colorful fiber.

Since Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest is coming up, I realize I needed more hands on deck. I've recently hired Claire to be a part of Dancing Leaf Farm's work force. She is a gem for sure. She is the sweetest, nicest girl and a joy to have around. Skeining yarn is a task that I just can't stay at for very long. My mind goes to a hundred different things that I'd rather be doing so Claire skeins yarn for me, much better that I could ever do. Listening to books on tape or musicals, she happily turns large yardages of yarn into smaller skeins of yarn. There's a trick to twisting the yarn into a nice looking skein and she got it down the first try. Right now I don't know what I'd do without her.
 A very nice customer dropped by with a friend a couple weeks ago. She arrived a bit before her friend and saw what the studio looks like when I'm getting ready for a big show. Yarn was covering the floor and tables and the place looked a disaster. She asked if there was any way she could help so I handed her a stapler and labels and she began labeling yarn. I guess she had so much fun doing that, that she asked if she could come back and help some more. Never one to refuse help when desperate, I said sure and put her to work assembling felting kits. She immersed herself in colorful fiber, smiling the entire time.
But I also have to give a shout out to Krista, Natalie and Ann who helped out at studio tour and help keep Dancing Leaf Farm ticking away. We only have 5 more days to create more colorful stuff so I'd better get those dyepots going!

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