Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and That for Studio Tour

Along with yarn, jewelry, and fiber, I've compiled a heap of vintage items that I'm setting up under the 'Vintage Vibe' tent. A few painted spindles....

 and lots and lots of letterpress letters. I adore these letters, so it will be hard to let them go. You never know when you want to spell something awesome.
I have this really great world atlas from 1941 when there were countries that aren't even around now. Who doesn't like old maps? There are so many things to do with them.
  (all map image projects courtesy of Pinterest)

OK, maybe I won't get rid of the maps!
Maps are soooo cool!
Love the muted colors
I've bundles up some cool retro pay cards and rulers, great for collages, projects, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Back to the yarn...I've been skeining miles of Happiness yarn in about 6 different colorways. These really will make you happy!

and for all you spinners out there who want some wool roving that's farm raised, farm praised, dyed right here in the studio and really wonderful,  I have paaa-lenty to go around.

 I've packaged them up in grab-and-go bundles, with a sweet tag to describe who you're buying it from. Includes a little bio of the girl who grew the wool...

The girls are growing more wool as you read this, so they'll be so happy that you got something right
off their backs.

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