Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Random Sneak Peeks

Over the years I've collected vintage slips. They're fun to dye, as they take the dye differently and it's always a surprise to see how they turn out.

 I've been known to wear slips as a dress and this one would look smashing paired with this flirty, ruffled blouse.
I've been felting a bit, not nearly as much as I'd like to. Those darn dye pots keep me sequestered in the basement! But I finished a couple. This one is in the 'Pansy' colorway.

 Nuno felted shawl in royal blue.

 Along with the dying, I've been cranking up my little kiln in the studio. Brooches.....

 .....and buttons
 and while the kiln is going, I dare not leave it or I'll have a puddle of glass seeping out, I make jewelry. These little resin flowers are all the rage now.

 Scrabble necklaces are perfect for the woman/girl who loves to knit. Hung from a silver bail on a silver ball chain. They just slip over you head.

Put a bird on it! Darling silver bird earrings.

And they go with this 'Rainy Day' necklace, a silver cloud with 'rain' chain falling down, with 3 little crystals attached.

Keep checking back for more fun stuff!

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