Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Finally Ready....Almost

It's been a fun week getting ready for my spring studio tour. I've been hobbling upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, hauling, dying, fusing, making jewelry and just have a good time being creative. My helper, Abi, Claire and a new friend, Anne, who just showed up and started working, has made this week so much easier. They all pitched in and did the dreaded skeining, and labeling and all sorts of little and big jobs.

Krista brought her amazing things over today and helped set up. We hauled old shutters from the barn and she hung her 'Posie Pockets' on them. They're upcycled knit sweaters, felted and planted with cute spring flowers.

Old windows turned into artwork...
and one ready for photos, jewelry or favorite sayings...

Krista also makes pottery (yep, she's crafty!)
 and retro aprons, some mother/daughter/son ones too.
 Can't you just see yourself baking chocolate chip cookies in this?
 I have bracelets...

 dyed felt pieces (doesn't this look like waves and a sunset?)...

dyed mohair...
 old letterpress letters....

 plenty of Noro yarn and books...(I do heart Noro)

 I haven't had too much time to knit. Well I have, but I'm working on too many things at the moment and hardly have any of the projects done. They're not ready for their close ups yet. Except for these great little spa cloths.
 They're really wash cloths, but 'spa' sounds trendier. They're knit with organic cotton yarns, which come in 3 natural colors, cream, butter & taupe or some gently dyed pastel colors...all just yummy.
 I can just feel the softness in this photo. I've put together a kit with 3 skeins of 3 different colors. You could knit at least 6 cloths. Knit 3 for you and 3 for a friend.

 Three more of the colors.

 Phew! It got pulled together once again. I was doubtful yesterday. Now I just hope the customers come! Hope to see you! Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10-5. Happy Spring!

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