Friday, May 04, 2012

Another Sheep & Wool Fest

 I finally turned off the dye pots (all my helpers cheered!) and am loading up the trailer for the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest. It's my biggest show of the year, drawing nearly 100,000 fiber addicts, 1000 sheep, 350 vendors and thousands of pounds of yarn.

My crates are ready to be filled with my freshly dyed yarn.

 I have so much yarn that it won't all fit in my trailer and truck. I've never brought so much with me.
 I just finished (at 6:00 a.m.) 75 of these 'Yarn Bitch', 'Knit Slut' pins. I know, I know, a bit racy but these knitters are really edgy. Hope to see you at the Howard County Fairgrounds this weekend! Wish me luck!  Now I better get out there and finish packing up.

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