Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving On

Two of my friends in Cumberland, Piver and Andy have given up their loft space and moved to a 60's rancher a couple miles away from their downtown space. I blogged about their amazing loft here, so you can have an idea of what they gave up (6000 sq. ft.!). To give you a better idea, Piver put together a video of her loft so she could remember it. I'll miss her wacky place, but I've seen her new one in suburbia and she has definitely 'Piverized' it! When driving up, the bubble shower curtains in the front windows give it away.

She's had a few sales to get rid of stuff and I've been back 4 times to peruse and buy and I'll be going back again. There's piles of bike parts...

 hundreds of pounds (millions of pieces!) of jewelry findings. She was a jewelry designer, using cold connection to create awesome pieces of jewelry and sculptures. She's quit the business now and is selling all her supplies.


 bins and bins of parts

 heaps of stuff

I was there for hours and hours and I still haven't seen everything that's there.

 Some of the big pieces (like this huge metal painting done on Ford trunk hood) could not be moved to the rancher.
and the little car trim will stay around the bathroom door.

 sock mannequins anyone?

 She's still deciding on letting this one go. It's one of her first photography pieces. But I do love old trucks, so I'll beg some more.
I did come away with hundreds of letters

 and this awesome desk chair

but my favorite things I think are these old wooden gears. Good luck Piver on moving on.

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