Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cat Call

 I divorced my cat. We had a good 16 years together, but it was time to say goodbye.
He cheated on me.
Instead of using his litter box, he chose to use the new carpet upstairs and for his downstairs peeing enjoyment, the expensive wool rug was just dandy.

I've tried to keep him outside, but as soon as a door would open, he'd scoot in. Or he'd scratch at our bedroom door at 3:00 a.m. So annoying.

So off to a farm where my friend's son lives. He's such an animal lover. I told him this is to be an outside cat but an hour later, we got a photo text with Cheyenne in the house. I warned him!

As soon as I arrived, I let Cheyenne out of the car and a very large dog ran up to welcome him (or maybe chase him, I'm not sure). Cheyenne grew up with large dogs so this one didn't bother him in the least. He just looked up at him and said,
"Out of my way, Big Guy, while I have a looksee around."

I will really, really miss Cheyenne but there is no smell I hate more than cat pee. It does something to my brain that makes me loco. Just ask my husband! After Sheep and Wool fest I feel I have to deep clean my entire way of relaxing. While doing this on Monday, I smelled, saw and felt the aforementioned places of the evil deed. You didn't want to be near me just then. I think my neighbors 5 houses down heard me yell, "That f'ing cat!" I rolled up the expensive 9x11 rug and with much effort I threw it out in to the front yard
(where it got soaked in rain and now probably weighs 500 pounds!)

For 16 years Cheyenne has been a part of Dancing Leaf Farm. He's known many chickens, and was especially friendly with Miss Crossbeak, he's outlived four big dogs and was buddies with the two current ones. He was king of all the cats we had and was just an easy going cat. And it didn't help that he was rubbing up against my leg, being all cute while I was working in the garden yesterday.

I know that once you take on an animal, you should be bonded for the life of that animal. But when things go sour, sayonara! And for one more Take that Lady, he pooped in the car on the way to the farm.  I'm just thankful he has a good home, with a loving caretaker. And now I must remember, no matter how cute those kitty faces are....NO MORE CATS EVER!!!


Diane said...

Maybe Cheyenne is ill. 16 is awfully old for a pet...I bet Cheyenne didn't mean to do it

Diane said...

Maybe Cheyenne is ill. 16 is awfully old for a pet...I bet Cheyenne didn't mean to do it