Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Augering In

 We took our sheep fence down last October, moving the sheep to graze at the pastures of Willowisp Farm on the north side of Barnesville. We haven't made time to put the new fence up yet (I did get all the supplies by November) so our very good friend, Dick, showed up with his dreamy Kubota tractor on Sunday to give us a nudge and to dig the holes for the posts. Here's the crew from l to r, Casey, Garrett, Trapper, Houston, Dick and Forrest. All were instrumental in gettin' er done. The dogs helped out by rolling in poop emphasizing the fact why we need a fence. My three guys, dug, mowed, moved debris and Dick worked his magic on that tractor.
 The grass has grown waist high so we had to mow a path so they could see where to dig the holes.
Dick even pulled a couple dead trees over with the tractor. Love that!
 Forrest putting in a corner post.

A thing of beauty. Dick drove it over from his farm, 3 miles away. It has a 4'x2'x2' chunk of cement attached to it which didn't make for good gas mileage.
 Dick said that you could just "Kiss that auger" and so I did.

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