Saturday, May 26, 2012

Appliance Trifecta

 Don't you just loooooove getting new appliances?! When our dishwasher started smoking one morning, we thought it was time to retire it. It wasn't preforming up to snuff anyway and I really hate smelly, black smoke in my kitchen. And it had a big leak when we ran it so we had to put a bowl underneath it. Our old fridge also leaked so we had to have a towel under it all the time.

 Our old stove had rusted out of the bottom and although it mostly worked (3 out of the 4 burners), it had seen better days too. We've been in our house for 29 years (yikes!) and have been through 3 stoves, 3 fridges and this is our third dishwasher. 

Here's all the appliances lined up in the driveway. Out with the old, in with the new.
There's a clever new way to carry these things now. They use a cross slingy thingy that has a strap on the bottom so they just balance it on the strap and basically carry with their shoulders and back.
 It was scary stuff pulling out the old appliances. Maybe there were skeletons, rotting things, mouse poop or any other yucky surprises. Just found mouse poop and one dead, shriveled mouse carcass.
Not too bad. We are not those people who pull out their fridge every year to vacuum the coils, so there was about 12 years of mystery stuff back there.
 We decided to go for the two ovens, one small and one larger. Everyone who has one of these says they use the small oven 95% of the time. True for us too. We've only used the lower oven once when cooking two pizzas.
On the day the dishwasher took up smoking, Sears had a sale featuring any three appliances for 20% off, ending that day.  So off we trekked to Sears to pick out our three dreamy appliances. Houston does heaps of research and I go by color. This time it was stainless steel grey. Love my new fridge too. We had a side by side freezer/fridge before but changed to this pull out freezer and double door fridge combo instead. So color us some happy kitchen campers here! Now the rest of the kitchen looks shabby!

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