Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Downtown Luck

Houston and Forrest both work in/near downtown DC. The commute is 1 1/2 hours each way, either by train, car, metro, bike, walk or a combination. But recently a friend of ours went to work in Shanghai for 8 months and graciously let the boys stay in her condo. In exchange, they pay the utilities, keep the place spic and span and stain the deck. What a deal!

Last week I also spent the night there as we had a late night in the city. Garrett lives just a few blocks away, so he came for a visit. An extra bonus to the place, is a huge rooftop deck, complete with grill and plenty of seating for an enjoyable evening of eating alfresco.
Looking down one sees a garage turned living quarters.

And a nice little patio with a bamboo roof and a 'potted' garden.

It was a rainy, overcast day so the nation's capitol was difficult to see, but on a clear day.....
you can see forever! It is convenient for the guys, but I'll take my country place any day or night.

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