Friday, May 18, 2012

More Chartruese Fun

 Another shopping day at Chartreuse, the dairy barn filled with
rustic/retro/farmhouse/shabby chic stuff.
 They've switched up dealers in here and you never know what you'll find so it's always fun.
Mother's Day was that weekend so they had huge bouquets of flowers. Love how the bucket is painted with chalkboard paint (awesome invention!).
 pops of turquoise

 I was no way looking for a dresser, but when I spotted this one, I just had to have it. Hello funky, retro the handles and the vertical details on the door. It fits so much more than my old one, I even have an empty drawer! Houston wants my old one but I'm doing a redo on it so will post pix later. He's going to England next week so I have to paint a room, which means painting furniture and doing a total makeover.
 Also not to be passed up was this mod, Mad Men style outdoor settee.

Houston grimaced when he saw it, but I love it. Now bring me a martini.

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