Thursday, June 14, 2007

DNA Path

While riding to some nearby villages, Houston and I chanced upon this bike trail. The artwork, a unique series of stripes in four colors representing the different genetic letters that make up the vital human gene BRCA2, celebrates the 10,000th mile of the National Cycle Network. There are 10,000 colorful stripes over 1 mile. The colors represent the four types of base for the code of life, adenine (green), cytosine (blue), quanine (yellow) and thymine (red).
BRCA2 is a key gene that is needed to repair our DNA. Women with abnormalities of BRCA2 are at elevated risk of developing breast cancer. The gene was identified by scientists from The Institute of Cancer Research and the Sanger Institute, which are nearby. I like the way the colors of the flowers match the color sequence of the gene.

The double helix structure sculpture of DNA enlarged 750,000 times.

Some sights along the way.

An old Roman church.

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