Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lavender Fields Forever

Acres and acres and acres of lavender. We were a bit early for the full show, but there was one massive field that was in full purply bloom. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers and has to be my favorite scent, it's so clean and fresh. The flowers yield an abundant nectar, important for the high quality honey that's made from it. It can be eaten, incorporating the leaves into dishes. Tea is also flavored with it. But it's essential oil is used most extensively for balms, salves, soaps and perfumes.

More lavender.

There was one field showing many of the varieties, with subtle differences between the foliage and flowers.

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Molly said...

i'[m a lavender lover myself.These photos are gorgeous. Your pics make me miss the green and the rain that causes it, of home.