Monday, June 04, 2007

Yorkshire Moors

We traveled to the Yorkshire moors area of England, about a 4 hour drive from Cambridge. We checked into the youth hostel in Lockton, a tiny village about twice the size of Barnesville. I had seen a picture of the hostel on line when I booked it and as we drove into town, I said disappointingly that I think this is it as we passed it. We turned around, went by again and the boys said, "Mom. that's a water treatment building! We're staying THERE?!" Guess I was wrong. We found it one block further and it was once the town's school, now one of the eco-hostels. It has a sedum covered roof, uses rain water for flushing, solar panels and hints everywhere on how to conserve. We asked the hostel hostess where to eat and she directed us to the local pub, a mile walk away down a farm lane. We walked through the village, turned left and found the lane. This jaunt to the pub was one of the highlights of the trip for me. We were all in a great mood, to be out of the car, in a countryside that resembled our own, surrounded by fields of sheep and wildflowers and on our way to a pub.

We had wide views of the countryside.

Besides sheep there was an abundance of cow parsley along the farm lane.

At day's end. The perfect ending to a glorious day.

Playing kick-the-pinecone-in-Pickering.

Castle ruin in the village of Pickering.

This is what the castle looked like in 1300.

We stopped at an ancient priory with this bridge leading to it. The priory was situated on a low bluff overlooking this river, a perfect setting.

My boys at a Cuban lunch place in Stamford, on the way to the Yorkshire moor area.

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