Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Movie Theme and Art Studios

While driving through the villages of the Yorkshire Dales, we came upon some odd sights and after seeing a few, realized the town was having some sort of movie contest. Pretty funny, especially in the old setting of these villages. Did you guess, 'Little Miss Sunshine?'

I was lucky enough to chance upon an open studio tour. http://www.art-connections.org.uk/openstudios/ Above is a painter's studio in Richmond.
This tour consists of 100 artists over an area of about 135 miles. It was divided up into 3 sections with maps for each section. The booklet was superb, well laid out and easy to follow. The artists are juried and of the highest quality, no junky stuff. If there was one near where we were traveling, I whined and we would turn off the main road and try to find it. Trying to coerce three guys to see art is difficult! It was nice to see where the artists work and live. After being on the receiving end of this for so many years , I really enjoyed being a customer and talking with the artists. The few I saw had beautiful places, great gardens and inspiration right out their door. My favorite stop was Andrea Hunter, the best felt pieces I've ever seen. http://www.focusonfelt.co.uk/ I can't seem to get any of her other pictures of her art to put here so you'll have to go to her site to them.

This was Andrew Hague's studio and home. His garden was a delight as well as his pottery. I bought a tiny vessel. http://www.studiopottery.co.uk/db/profile.php?id=319

Ed Klotz in his studio. He does amazing paintings using tempera paints, pigment that he mixes with an egg. I regret not taking a photo of his pigments. They were the truest, richest, deepest, most luscious colors I've ever seen. I did find a photo of them from the place where he buys them.

This is the outside of Ed's studio.

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