Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Which Way To The Beach?

Houston and I were lucky enough to ride along with Clemens, Gaby, their children, Josephine and Leopold to the North Sea, about a 2 hour drive. We loaded up the van with a picnic from Waitrose (like our Whole Foods), cheeses, grainy bread, fresh greens and veggies, strawberries, wine (chilled in 4 minutes in their wine chiller!) and digestives (cookies). We were all thrilled for a day trip to the beach. The kids would shout "Sea side, sea side!" We all got caught up in the excitement and it was one loud van buzzing down the backroads to Wells-Next-the-Sea.

I was enthralled with these beach huts. They are so tiny and cute.

Leopold, Josephine and Gaby

Beach huts are much coveted and have become quite expensive. These may cost around £20,000 ($40,000!) and in Dorset I saw one advertised for £140,000 for a 16x12 hut. They are passed down among families, a valuable asset. These particular ones are very small, about 8x8. A few were being used so I could peer inside while passing by. I saw only room for a table, some chairs and a counter. I don't think they're allowed to spend the night in them.

The entire drive to the coast it was sunny and warm. We pulled into the parking lot and Clemens commented that people seemed to have a lot of jackets on and the Brits aren't known to overdress for the weather. We got out and it was chilly, maybe even cold. It was due to a thick, wet mist coming off the sea, obliterating any chance of sunshine. Luckily I had brought a jacket along and my ever trusty sarong, so I was fine. The others quickly changed into warmer clothes.

This photo is for Chris Cahill and Paul to prove that I really do take my sarong along. (Hints for Heloise!)

After frollicking in the waves, we drove to Burnham Market, a traditional Norfolk village.

Houston having a pint of bitter at the Hoste Arms, chatting up the locals.

They have the most beautiful bathroom I've ever seen.

A pleasant scene down every alleyway.

Burnham Market has many chichi shops.

I love the colors and patterns of these papers. I'm always tempted to buy a few.

Another dreamy car.

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