Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flowers, a Swan and To-Diet-For Dresses

Joan standing in front of this amazing espaliered rose. This was growing on a barn wall that hardly anyone would see off a back road. Luckily we were on a walk and came upon it. We were constantly amazed at how much time and effort went into projects like this and that someone takes the time to keep this up. And on a barn no less!

This is the most splendid, graceful, 'lulu' dress I've ever seen. It had delicate beading down the front of the top, cascading down to a beaded 'hiplace'. Stunning! I might even be inspired to lose 20 pounds to get into this dress! Click on the dress to oogle it closer.

And another beauty

This one reminded me of a mermaid. A size 0 mermaid!

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