Thursday, June 14, 2007

Studio Tour

This is John and Rosamund, just two of the artists that we got to visit. They have a quirky garden that I just couldn't resist taking many pics of. We stumbled upon this tour by taking little backroads and saw an open sign at an artist's place. This tour was centered around the mid-sized town of Chetlenham and expanded out over about 20 miles. It had over 200 artists participating and 58 stops. Wish we would've had time to visit them all.

This was the back of one of the studios. This was a beautifully landscaped pond. The studio was in a barn conversion.

This is a painting I bought at the barn studio. It reminds me of the beautiful landscape that I've been traveling through the last couple days.

The loft space on the inside of the barn studio.

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